How to Create Impressive Animated Charts With Microsoft PowerPoint?

Save yourself from giving another boring PowerPoint presentation.

One trick is to match the design of your charts with the subject of your presentation.

For example, if you are going to give a presentation on how content marketing was benefetial for your website, you can use pencils instead boring bars in charts as shown below.

Impressive Animated Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint
Impressive Animated Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint
  1. Go to Insert > Charts.
  2. Select Column chart for this example.
  3. Edit the default to data to get only one bar per category in the chart.
  4. Right click on the bar and select Format Data Series option.
  5. Select  Fill & Line option followed by Picture or texture Fill option.
  6. Press File… button and select the image with which you want to replace the bar in your chart. For example, I have chosen the image of a pencil. Make sure that background of the image matches the background of your slide.
  7. Go to Animations tab and select whatever effect you want to give to the chart.
  8. Now go to Effect Options drop-down and select By Category. This option will give separate effect to each category in your chart.
  9. Impress your audience! :)

You can download the sample Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 file from here.